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Ways to Reduce Waste

Ways to Reduce Waste
With Diana Prieto

Auckland Council Waste Solutions Unit
12.00noon on Saturday 22 May in the Lounge
Mount Eden Village Centre, 449 Mount Eden Road

Every minute, more than 3 tonnes of waste goes to landfill in Auckland. Every year, we send more than 1.6 million tonnes of waste to landfill - that's more than a tonne per person in Auckland. Most of this waste could be used in more productive ways. Our waste has the potential to be a valuable resource for Aucklanders - creating jobs and boosting the economy, while allowing us to take better care of our environment. Auckland aspires to be zero-waste by 2040. Zero-waste is a long-term goal, but there's a lot we can do right now.


Learn how to reduce waste with Diana Prieto, WasteWise Community Engagement Advisor with Auckland Council's Waste Solutions unit. From her role as Coordinator The Green Project (with the Manutewhau Community Hub), Diana is skilled and experienced in: engaging and influencing a zero-waste lifestyle; delivering workshops to adults, children and communities about waste management (recycling, composting, minimising, and safe appropriate disposal); food waste management; and environmentally friendly products and organizations.

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