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Ursula Bach

Mindfulness With
Dr. Ursula Bach

02.00pm on Saturday 22 May in the Lounge
Mount Eden Village Centre, 449 Mount Eden Road

Mindfulness refers to a set of psychological skills that allow people to be more in touch with the present moment, and to be able to handle negative thoughts and feelings more skillfully. Based on the premise that distress results from one’s reactive relationship to experience, the core skills are learning how to bring awareness to the present moment, and observe experiences with an attitude of acceptance and without judgement. Although mindfulness has only recently been incorporated into Western psychology, it is an ancient practice found in a wide range of Eastern philosophies, including Buddhism, and Yoga.

Dr. Ursula Bach is a registered Clinical Psychologist at Illumen Psychology. Dr. Bach holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Psychology from the University of Auckland. She is registered with the New Zealand Psychologist Board under the scope of Clinical Psychologist with a current annual practising licence. Dr. Bach is an Associate Member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists.

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