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Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Chinese Conservation Education Trust

With Estella Lee

Stall from 10am-2pm on Saturday 22 May in the Hall
Mount Eden Village Centre, 449 Mount Eden Road

The purpose of the Chinese Conservation Education Trust (CCET) is to foster a love and understanding of New Zealand’s special places, plants and animals. We are a group of individuals dedicated to bringing conservation to the Chinese living in New Zealand.


The Trust’s work is vital. The Auckland region’s population is expected to double in the next 50 years and will be strongly multi-cultural. This growth and diversity of cultures will put huge pressures on the values New Zealanders place on open spaces and special conservation areas. Already many areas of coastline are bare of shellfish and fish numbers are decreasing in the harbours. The trust is working continuously to educate and empower the Chinese to protect NZ's environment.

The Chinese Conservation Education Trust also collaborates with the Epsom Chinese Association to host the Epsom Sewing Repair Cafe at the Kimberley Room (Epsom).
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