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Water Is Precious
EcoMatters Environment Trust

Be Waterwise (Save Water) With EcoMatters Environment Trust

EcoMatters Environment Trust
11.00am on Saturday 22 May in the Lounge
Mount Eden Village Centre, 449 Mount Eden Road

High water bills? Want to be a water-conscious kiwi? Auckland is experiencing a water shortage. Auckland is still feeling the effects of severe drought in 2019-2020 and a dry autumn in 2021. Be waterwise this winter. Being water-conscious is a critical part of living sustainably. And as a bonus, saving water saves you money!


We’ll run through the possible ways of saving water in your home. Brought to you by EcoMatters Environment Trust and Watercare Services Ltd.

EcoMatters support the community with knowledge and tools to restore nature, reduce waste, ride and fix bikes, and live more sustainably. EcoMatters' aim is to be a focal point (tohu) to connect people and the environment and to nurture a sense of guardianship (kaitiakitanga) for our beautiful planet.

Watercare is New Zealand's largest company in the water and wastewater industry. Watercare supplies more than 400 million litres of water to Auckland every day, drawing water from 27 sources, treating it and supplying it to homes and businesses via a vast network of pipes. Watercare collects, treats and disposes of around 396 million litres of wastewater daily, including trade waste from industry. Watercare also carries out significant work to upgrade and build infrastructure, so as to maintain service levels and provide capacity for a fast-growing population.

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